Your Ideas/Projects

Do you have any out-of-the-box audio ideas or projects? Feel free to submit pictures or descriptions for inclusion in my blog.

How to submit your photos or descriptions:

  1. You'll need my direct e-mail. The best way to get it is to post a comment that starts with: "I would like you to post my project/idea". You then write your contact information. Since your comments are not automatically posted, there is no worries that the world will see your information.
  2. After I get the message, I will get your personal info from it and will then delete the comment. 
  3. I'll next send you a direct e-mail with my contact info.
  4. In this way, you'll be able to work with me on the best way to showcase your project or idea. My hope is that we will agree on the best way to show your project or idea after a couple of times of going back and forth. 
  5. Home audio or car audio ideas/projects are fine.
  6. While pictures are not mandated, images tend to make stories much easier to understand. 
  7. Photo submissions do not need to be professional in nature. They can be done with a simple camera and lighting that is far from ideal.
  8. Graphs or any other illustrations could also prove invaluable. 
  9. Hand drawn illustrations can be scanned for submission.
  10. At any moment before publishing, you are free to decline participation. Just let me know before any article is published. I will promptly delete any story or images you sent.  
  11. Likewise, I reserve the right to reject posting any pictures or text submitted if it I feel it does not meet the minimum threshold value needed for publication or if we don't agree on the best way to publish it. 
  12. I also reserve the right to refuse to respond to any petition for my contact information. 

Ideal outcome
My goal is to showcase unique ideas that will spark creativity. Be ambitious. It is not necessary for you to fully understand the physics behind an idea or project. We should be humble enough to admit we are not sure how something works. 


  1. I like your wire Copper vs Aluminum explanation. You seem to be out of the box thinker. I don't see that too much anymore.

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  3. For those who don't know about Mike, here is a link to a video of his incredible Camaro. Do keep in mind that the video does no justice to the beauty and sweetness of the music it played. From what I know, Mike still has it.

  4. Alberto, I'm building a new car. I would love to bounce ideas on you and hear your opinion. You are very knowledgeable, I would love to hear what your think.Thank you for getting back to me :)

  5. Great to see your comment Mike. You know me better than you think. We competed one year in the same class during the early nineties. Yes, you beat me.
    What I remember most is how funny it was listening to you joking as we waited to be judged. The sometimes long hours went quite quickly thanks to your great sense of humor.

  6. I would like to talk about my idea

    1. Sure. Don't forget to give me your contact information so that I may contact you directly.
      Don't worry, I will not publish you personal info.