Saturday, March 14, 2015

Brian Casagrande's incredible Celica

Since I have not had the time to write a worthy article about Brian's car, I felt I should at least post a link to the short video.

Completely stealth installation.
All electronics were hot-rodded.
Windshield heads-up display for CD player.
No in-dash head-unit.
Home NAD CD player modified to work in the car and installed in the trunk.
Custom line drivers with external power supplies.
Double 1/3 Octave equalizers.
One 1/3 Octave equalizer for RTA installed in motorized compartment inside the rear seat.
One modified professional 1/3 Octave equalizer for sound quality installed in the trunk.
Hand made 24dB/Oct x-overs with external power supplies and installed in motorized compartment inside the rear seat.
Custom class-A amplifiers installed inside the rear seat.
Rear seat motorized in three different sections.
Aperiodic enclosure hanging from rear deck.
3" voice coil midbass drivers playing down to 20Hz and mounted on the doors.
3" voice coil mids in the kick panels.
Aperiodic tweeter enclosure.
Custom Litz signal and speaker cables.
4/0 awg railway power cables.